3.1 Reflection!

Once again, another week has gone by while being in PR Writing! This week in this unit, the key focus was on news releases and their components. The first assignment this week was to watch what we call a “take watch” over how an individual is supposed to write a news release and what the key parts of the news release are. The second assignment this week was the news release assignment where the objective was to take a news release from an organization ¬†of our choice and mark them up, pointing out the dateline, the slug/identification block, boilerplate, and the end-of-story symbol.

I think that the things that I can pick up now that I couldn’t before are the different elements of the news release and how specific everything has to be. When it comes to how you are supposed to write the city specifically or the importance of the end-of-story symbol, I had no idea how to write these elements. Since I do one day want to work with PR and know that having knowledge of how to write a news release is important, I feel that I would like to know more about the different types of news releases and how they relate to different categories of companies. Having this particular skill set would be important in any PR career but specifically for me in sports PR, news releases are a key part of getting information out there about the team, the players, and the organization itself. News releases are definitely something that I would like to look more into.

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